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992 (Malmesbury) Squadron
Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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Flying and Gliding

Flying and Gliding in the Air Cadets is one of our key aims. "To encourage and promote a practical interest in Aviation".

Through MoD Funding and close cooperation with the Royal Air Force, the ATC offers its cadets a wide range of flying and gliding at no cost to the cadet.

All Air Cadets up and down the country not only have the chance to be passangers in a wide range of RAF and other Aircraft, they have the chance to actually fly the Aircraft, with cadets at 16 going solo in Gliders via Gliding Scholarships.

The ATC offers awards and progression for flying and gliding, with both Flying and Gliding scholarships available to those confident with aviation.


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At 992 squadron we have excellent links with 625 Volunteer Gliding School based at Hullavington (Buckley Barracks) with cadets gliding regularly. The school operates a fleet of Viking T1 gliders which enable a Cadet and Instructor to glide, as well as a solo scholarship cadet.

Cadets graduate through GIC (Gliding Induction Certificate) levels 1-3, and Gliding Scholarship up through Blue, Silver and Gold. Those gaining their Gold wings are invited by the Gliding School to return as Staff Cadets doing their AGT (Advanced Glider Training)

Gliding through the Air Training Corps not only offers great value (At no cost to the cadet), great experience and a great sense of adventure and fun, it offers the basis for a developing hobby, with many cadets continuing gliding through civilian gliding clubs.


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Given Malmesbury Squadron's proximity with Colerne Airbase, the squadron regularly sends cadets to fly at the AEF (Air Experience Flight) at no cost. 

At 3 AEF, cadets fly alongside a regular RAF Pilot who instructs the cadet in basic maneuvers, and under supervision, allows the cadet to fly the aircraft, performing basic movements as well as progressing to aerobatics.

The Aircraft flown for Powered Flying are operated by the RAF, and these aircraft are used to train all RAF and Navy Pilots prior to their speciality training.