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992 (Malmesbury) Squadron
Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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Gliding in the Air Training Corps

          Cadets Costain, Pope, Potter and Kitchen at 625 VGS

Gliding is seen as a Mainstay activity in the Corps, most cadets are eligible to glide and those who have throughoughly enjoy it.

At 992 (Malmesbury) Squadron we are incredibly lucky to have excellent ties to our local VGS (Volunteer Gliding School) which is 625 VGS based out of Hullavington. This enables us to send cadets, often most weekends, to the school to complete in a range of gliding sorties such as GIC, GS or simply Refresher/Pleasure flights. You can find out about the range of Gliding available to cadets below.

Gliding Progression

Just as Flying, shooting and Classifications, Gliding enables cadets to progress through different skill sets. All of which have their own Eligibility Criteria and merits. You can find out about Gliding Progression below.

Gliding Induction Course (GIC 1-3)

Gliding Induction Courses are the first 3 stages to a cadets gliding career. Once enrolled and provided cadets are First Class Classification they are eligible to start their GIC's. GIC's are designed to allow cadets to learn and get a feel for the glider and it's Control surfaces (What the aircraft uses to moe in different directions).GIC's will cover Pitch, Roll and Yaw.

Cadet Aimee Tonks after her first launch.

Cadets are awarded a certificate for each GIC level they achieve, all GIC's must be achieved before cadets are able to progress onto Gliding Scholarships.

Gliding Scholarship (GS - Blue and Silver Wings) 

Gliding Scholarships are the next step, and one of the most celebrated in a cadets gliding career. Upon succesful completion of three GIC's and once a 16 Year old + Senior cadet cadets are able to apply for a Gliding Scholarship.

Gliding Scholarships or "GS's" come in two levels, both requiring a Medical Certificate from the cadets GP certifying them 'Fit to Fly'.

Blue GS Wings are awarded after succesful completion of a Gliding Scholarship which involves all aspects of Airmanship including Stall Recovery, Launch Failures and landings. 

If a cadet shows exceptional gliding standards they will progress to Solo standard.

Silver (Solo) GS Wings are awarded after Blue Wings, and show cadets have reached an exceptional standard allowing them to fly a circuit solo.

Exceptional completion of Siler Wings give cadets the opportunity to become a Staff AGT Cadet

Advanced Gliding Training (AGT 1-2)

Advanced Glider Training is the final stage in a cadets gliding career. AGT culminates after exceptional performances in GIC and GS levels and shows remarkable skill and development in Cadets.

Upon completion of Siler Wings (Above) gliding schools often invite Silver Wing holding cadets back to complete AGT's and become Flight Staff Cadets.

Gold (AGT) Wings are awarded when the above AGT stage has been completed.

AGT cadets remain on their respective VGS's as Flight Staff Cadets enabling them to fly solo under checks.