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992 (Malmesbury) Squadron
Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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Air Cadets - A Parent's View

We are very pleased that your child is considering joining the Air Training Corps. Hopefully the following information should answer some frequently asked questions and give guidance about our organisation and your child’s potential involvement with us.

How are we organised and what happens after Cadets?

The Air Training Corps (or Royal Air Force Air Cadets) is a national organisation with Headquarters at RAF College Cranwell. The corps is split into six Regions and each Region is split into Wings which have a number of Squadrons under their control. Although we are connected with the Royal Air Force, cadets are under no liability to join the Services. Many of our cadets do go on to join not only the RAF but the Army or the Navy. Others go on to join the Police or go onto University and into many and varied careers. All will have found their training and experiences in the Air Cadets an advantage.

Your responsibilities

  • Getting your child to and from the Squadron safely
  • Ensuring + Supporting your child in keeping uniform and issued equipment safe (Uniform costs in the excess of £200 per cadet, this is paid for by the Royal Air Force!)
  • Support your child in uniform maintenance, but don't be upset if they ask to iron their own shirts  & trousers - they grow very proud of their uniform!
  • Supply appropriate Shoes  & Combat Boots (We are unable to issue these but your child will be advised on where the buy these at a quality  & affordable rate)


All organizations, small or large, need funding, and Air Cadets is no exception. However we are extremely luckier than other organizations in that the the Royal Air Force provide the money for uniforms, premises, flying and several other activities your child may take part in. However many other activities are not covered and have to be funded by the Squadrons. To do this each Squadron has a Civilian Committee, also volunteers who are responsible for raising and spending these “Non Public Funds”. Some money from each cadet also goes to fund activities at Wing level such as sport, training courses etc. You can be assured that your contributions are well cared for and spent on the cadets and their activities. Currently subs can range from 1 to 4 per week but it is up to the local Committee to set their requirements. The payment is required whether your child attends all parades in the period concerned or not. No refunds will be given if they leave in a period for which you have paid.

Secondly, most of our Squadrons are registered for Gift Aid, which means that if at least one of the parents/guardians is a tax payer by them signing a simple form and returning it to the Squadron, they can claim a further 24p in the pound of subscriptions paid directly from the Inland Revenue. This makes a great difference.