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992 (Malmesbury) Squadron
Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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Uniform in the Air Training Corps

As with the military and other uniformed organisations, uniform plays an extremely important part within an organisation. This ethos is no different within the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. We pride ourselves on wearing the same uniform issued to the Royal Air Force and therefore instill an extremely high standard.

The vast majority of uniform is free to the cadet, and is issued through the Royal Air Force. However the uniform is payed for by the taxpayer, and therefore a high standard of care is required by cadets. Our uniforms are worn with pride and only when conducting authorised duties.

This page is designed to let prospective cadets and parents find out about the wide array of uniform worn by members of the organisation. Further detailed information on Uniform Care and AP1358c is available to cadets in the 'Squadron Area'.

Modes of Dress

No. 2c Working Dress 'Blues'

Known as 'Working Blues', No. 2c is the mainstay of the cadet uniform and is the most regularly worn. In Autumn and in colder environments, a RAF Blue jumper is worn. The uniform is designed for squadron based activities, as well as public duties not requiring No. 3 or No. 2a dress.

The uniform is made up of;

  • Beret with the ATC cap badge
  • 2c working blue shirt (Sleeves down or rolled up)
  • ATC brassard (Worn on the right arm)
  • Blue/grey belt with a brass buckle
  • No. 2 trousers or the RAF blue skirt (F)
  • DMS shoes

No. 2a Service Dress 'Wedgewoods/Light Blues'

Known as 'Wedgewoods' or 'Light Blues' 2a dress is the cadets ceremonial uniform, worn for parades and most wing Courses.

Just as 2c, a jumper can be worn in Autumn or colder weather.

The uniform consists of;

  • Beret with ATC cap badge
  • 2a shirt (Sleeves always rolled down)
  • Black tie tied with a full windsor
  • ATC brassard
  • Blue/grey belt OR white webbing belt & gloves for colour party
  • No. 2 trousers or RAF blue skirt (F)
  • DMS shoes

No. 3 Combat Soldier 95 (CS95) 'Greens'"

Known as 'Greens' or 'DPM's' No. 3 Dress is our fieldcraft, first aid, shooting, gliding and adventure training uniform. It is also the only uniform set not to be issued by the squadron (However provision can be made depending on stock availability). Upon joining the squadron, we will advise you and your parents the cheapest outlet for both the uniform and footwear (black 'combat' boots).

To distinguish wearers from regular counterparts, the AIR CADETS nametape is worn on the shirt, as well as a TRF (Tactical Recognition Flash) on the right shoulder, which identifies the wearer as an Air Cadet.

The uniform consists of;

  • Beret with ATC cap badge
  • Olive green under shirt
  • CS95 Lightweight Shirt
  • CS95 Field Jacket/Smock may be worn outdoors
  • CS95 Leggings with a Olive Green belt and trouser twists to retain shape
  • Black Leather 'Combat Style' boots